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Lab 1

My goal with Lab 1 was to use a variety of unconventional input forces that differed from the resulting actuation force across all the sketches. I also tried to explore different materials (magnet, rubber band, silicone, rubber glove) that had interesting actuation properties.

Sketch 1


I used a pen that bounces against an elastic which moves a pair of tweezers. The pen is attached at its tip to a magnet and I flick the pen to actuate the tweezers. I found it interesting how the strong singular force of a flick was converted to small multiple vibrations of the tweezers.
A closer view of the tweezers actuating.

Sketch 2


I used a medical glove that pushes a cardboard flap when the glove is inflated. I used a soldering iron holder to precisely restrict the shape of the glove to actuate the flap.
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Sketch 3


I used a sticky silicone disc folded in half to push against a rod. The disc's actuation is delayed because of its stickiness. I found this to be an interesting way to delay a force and would want to experiment more with these type of materials that can preserve the "memory" of an action.
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